Grime Art Photoshop Tutorial – How to Make These Gross Portrait Doodles

Hello everyone this is Chris from Spoon Graphics back with another video tutorial for Adobe Photoshop Today we're going to have some fun creating a surreal art style known as Grime Art, which is a weird trend where portrait photos are doodled upon with drooping, cartoonish drips of slimy flesh in vibrant colours to produce weird and wonderful zombie-like images with a gross, but somehow cool effect

I'll show you a handy technique within Photoshop that allows you to easily illustrate and colour your artwork with the help of a pen tablet Check out my showcase of Grime Art illustrations over on Spoon Graphics for some inspiration of the kinds of weird and wonderful images that are made in this style I'll be zombie-fying this free portrait photo from Unsplashcom, by tracing the facial area and adding loads of slimy drips I've chosen a bright blue and pink for my artwork, then the addition of some basic highlights and shadows help to enhance the illustration

Open up your chosen photograph in Adobe Photoshop Create a new layer to add the doodles Select the Brush tool, then select a basic round tip and increase the Hardness to 100% Within the Brush Settings panel, activate the Shape Dynamics feature and set the Control to Pen Pressure, assuming you have a Pen Tablet Similar effects can be created by illustrating with a mouse, but with the Fade option instead

Enable Smoothing, which will allow you to set a value in the top toolbar I find 50% is a good value to keep the line true to where I'm drawing while ironing out any unwanted kinks or wobbles Use the square bracket keys to alter the size of the brush 20px is appropriate for the scaling of this image Begin tracing an outline of the face, but with the addition of some drip features

Moderating the pressure on your tablet when you start and end a stroke helps to achieve the classic tapered look Trace around the eyebrows and the eyes Grime art is very much a doodling art style, where not much care is taken to achieve realism, so don't worry too much about the quality of your line work Zombie-like eyes are a common theme in Grime Art Add details to give the eye sockets a decayed appearance

Trace the main facial features, including the nose and mouth by following the main shapes and lines from the photograph The stand-out feature of Grime Art is the array of dripping flesh, which is created by simply drawing loads of drooping shapes to fill the facial area Randomise the shape and size of each drip The more you add, the more detailed the final result will be Small lines and circular bumps are additional elements that can be drawn to fill in any gaps and to add extra detail

Continue drawing slimy drips throughout the face area To fill in any areas which should be black, such as the eyebrows, reduce the smoothing value of the brush to zero Any other colours should be added on a new layer so you don't paint over the black outlines Add this layer above the Background, but underneath the lines layer Choose a colour for the features of your Grime Art victim

I'm using a bright pink for the eyes and lips Paint in these areas, taking care to keep the brush strokes within the width of the black outline Don't forget to fill in the eyes with either white or black It helps to add any additional colours that might accidentally be painted over existing areas on a new layer You can either carefully paint around the edges, make a selection and fill the area, or roughly paint the outline then erase any overlap

I find it's natural to flip my Wacom pen around to use the virtual eraser to clean up the edges The Grime Art effect is taking shape, but some simple shading can really boost the illustration style Add a new layer above the colour fills, but below the linework layer Reset the foreground and background colours to black and white Paint in a shaded area, such as around the eye socket

Change the blending mode of this layer to Soft Light, which will automatically generate darker or lighter shades of the underlying colour for easy shadows and highlights Fill in the main areas where a shadow would appear loosly following the black outlines Once the main shading has been added, giving each of the drips a little shading really helps add depth to the artwork Use a small tip and follow the black stroke, beginning and ending with the brush concealed, but extending out to add a slither of colour underneath the shape When all the shadows have been adding, press the X key to swap the brush colour to white

Using the same technique, add a series of highlights on top of each drip shape How much care and attention you pay to the quality of your illustration is entirely up to you Some Grime Art pieces are well polished with clean lines, whereas other have much more of a hand-drawn doodle style The final result is a surreal, zombie-like cartoon effect that makes little sense, but is the kind of underground art syle that is popular in some corners of the Internet So if you enjoyed this tutorial or learnt any new tricks be sure to give the video a Like to help spread the word

Subscribe to the channel to stick around for more of my content, and head over to my Spoon Graphics website to download my free design resources As always thank you very much for watching, and I'll see you in the next one

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