How To Create a Furry Text Effect in Photoshop

Hello everyone this is Chris from Spoon Graphics back with another video tutorial for Adobe Photoshop Today we're going to create a furry text effect by combining a real fur texture image with type, then we'll use a clever Photoshop Brush trick to eliminate the hard edges from the type to give it a fuzzy appearance with lots of tiny hairs

My example uses the fur of a tabby cat, but you can use the same process with any animal pattern, such as cheetahs, zebras and tigers for a cool safari themed type style You'll need a close up texture image of the animal fur you're going to use, which can be sourced from a stock photos website The one I'm using can be picked up for free from the link in the description area below the video Open up Photoshop and create a new document I'm using 2000x1500px

Select the Type tool and enter your chosen wording Use a nice bold font so there's plenty of space for the fur texture to be applied Make sure there's adequate spacing between the letters so that when the furry outline is applied, the word is still legible Right click on the text layer and select Convert to Smart Object Head to Filter > Noise > Median and enter 20px

This will round off the corners of your font to give it more of a cute appearance when they're turned into furry letters Open up your fur texture into Photoshop Use the shortcut CMD+A (or CTRL+A on Windows) to Select All, then CMD+C to Copy Switch back to the main document and paste in the texture Press CMD+T to Transform, then rotate and scale it to fit over the first letter

Hold the ALT key while clicking and dragging the texture to create a duplicate for the next two letters Shift and click to select all the texture layers in the Layers panel, then press CMD+E to Merge them into one layer Hold the CMD key and click on the thumbnail of the text layer to load its selection Activate the fur texture layer, then click the Layer Mask button to trim it to the outline of the letters The fur texture has been applied to the wording, but it doesn't look very realistic with those hard edges

Create a new document at 200x200px Zoom in, then set up the Brush tool with the 5 pixel Hard Mechanical preset (or just max out the Hardness slider with a 5px brush tip) Open the Brush panel and reduce the Spacing to zero from under the Brush Tip Shape settings, then under Shape Dynamics, change the Size Jitter Control to Pen Pressure Select the Pen tool and click a point in the top corner, then another in the opposite corner Drag out a bezier handle to give the path a slight curve

Right click and select Stroke Path and ensure the options are set to Brush with Simulate Pressure Hit the delete key a couple of times to remove the path, then draw another path in the opposite direction Stroke this new path, then add a few more lines that intersect in different directions Go to Edit > Define Brush Preset to save this fur brush, then close the document Now you have this brush saved, any future furry artwork you create can skip this step

Back in the main document, select the brush tool and open the Brush panel to edit the settings First reduce the spacing to zero under the Brush Tip Shape section, then under Shape Dynamics, max out the sliders for Size Jitter, Angle Jitter and Roundness Jitter to totally randomise each instance of this brush tip Use the square bracket key to reduce the brush size to size to around 80px CMD+click the thumbnail of the text layer to load its selection, then activate the Marquee tool Right click and select Make Work Path with a Tolerance of 1 pixel

Switch over to the Pen tool and right click and select Stroke Path The brush will produce randomised hairs all around the letters to give the text a realistic furry appearance Hit the delete key to remove the path to see the effect in full There's a couple more effects we can apply to boost the realism a little more Double click the fur texture layer to add a Bevel and Emboss layer style

Set the Depth to 500, Size to 100, then max out the Soften slider Under the shading options, set both the highlights and shadows to Soft Light at 80% This will give the text a subtle three dimensional appearance Add a Drop Shadow to give the text some depth Use 20% Opacity, 20px Distance at 90 degrees and 20px Size

Those fuzzy edges are the key part of this effect Without them the texture doesn't look right clipped to the outline of the letters, but with the help of a special Photoshop brush, thousands of tiny hairs give the effect a realistic furry appearance So I hope you find this effect useful within your projects If you enjoyed the tutorial or learnt anything new, a thumbs up on the video would be really appreciated Be sure to subscribe to the Spoon Graphics YouTube Channel to stick around for more video tutorials, and join my mailing list over on my website to receive my free bundle of design resources

Thank you very much for watching, and I'll see you in the next one!

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